Monday, July 26, 2010

We're Here!!!!

Okay, I haven't been all that great about updating this... but come on, these guys are keeping me busy... we left D.C. about 9am this morning and got to camp about noon... by the time we got oriented and got camp set-up it was dinner time and we pretty much ate cleaned up, had a couple meetings to get organized and have gone to bed...

Yesterday we had a really great morning going the Arlington Cemetery for a devotional. A scout a gave a great non-denominational talk and he was followed by Congressman Pete Sessions who is a big scouter... His dad was an Eagle, he was an Eagle and he a son who is an Eagle and a special needs son who will be getting his Eagle in a couple months. He charged the young men with taking initiative among other things... though I like the initiative part because I gave each of te boys a small pamphlet for them to read entitled "A Message to Garcia". It is all about taking initiative and how it separates the ordinary from the extraordinary.

A young man sang "Bring Him Home" from Les Miserables... which is one of my all time favorites. President Dahlquist the former Young Men's President from the LDS Church made brief remarks and then the had the Senior Patrol Leaders (Kip Christensen is ours) to hold and carry a huge American Flag over the the top of the boys (nearly 1000 in attendance).

We ended with a bagpipe playing "Amazing Grace".

Later we went to the National Archives and the Air and Space Museum and then had a Sacrament meeting just with our troop. It was very special as so many were willing to participate in this sacred ordinance.

The day was capped off with dinner at the Excalibur where they put on a sword and joisting Knights show.... the kids got into big time with each section being color coded to cheer for their respective Knight.

Oh yeah, we ate with our hands... well nothing really new on that

Until tomorrow...

Bruce R. Hough
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P.S. All is Well!


  1. Thank you so much for keeping us posted. We are so grateful for you great men giving our son this incredible experience. Thank you!!!
    Mark and Michele Christensen

  2. Yea!! We're so glad you have a way to post to the blog. Thanks for the updates - every parent I have talked to has been checking frequently for them. We appreciate all you men have done for our boys also and send big hugs to Nixon and Easton.

  3. We are really enjoying following the blog. Thank you so much for putting it together for us. We appreciate your great work for the boys.