Thursday, July 15, 2010


Scouts and Scouters!!!!

Departure - Monday July 19th, Time and Place:

Please plan to meet at the Smith's Market south parking area at Kimball Junction at 5:15 a.m. - 5:30 a.m. Monday morning... If you live in Summit County; and if you live in Salt Lake County, please meet at the K-Mart on Parley's Way at 5:45 a.m. The Jambo 604 Transport pdf attachment has directions and maps of the two sites. (Cost for the Bus is $7.00 per person)

Bags: Remember, only bring your carry on duffel (no cells, I-Pods, etc. or you will get a chance to bid on E-Bay to get them back!) and your Camelback pack; DO NOT PUT ANY WATER OR LIQUID OF ANY KIND IN THE CAMELBACK BEFORE GETTING ON THE PLANE!!!!!! No other bags will be allowed.

Uniform: Be in Full Class A Uniform; Scout Socks, pants or shorts, shirt, belt. You will recieve your customized Jamboree Baseball Style Cap on the Bus. It is the only hat you will need and any other hat you wear needs to be an official Scout cap. Hopefully you have all your class A uniforms in your carry on bag because it is all you will be wearing until the actual Jamboree!

T-Shirts: Hopefully you packed some BSA T-Shirts to wear in your Camping Duffel that is on the truck. If not, you can buy some at the Jambo, AND you will receive THREE T-SHIRTS for use at the Jamboree. We can distribute them at the airport, or we can wait until the Jamboree to distribute. We'll decide before we leave. (Cost of the three T-Shirts combined is $21.00, if you'd like to participate at that level or above you are welcome. No obligation and everyone still gets Three T-Shirts) If you would like to pay for your own shirts, you could add the $7.00 bus fee and round the whole thing up to $30.00 and any extra goes for ice cream or a treat for the Troop... I'm just sayin' ,if you'd like and are able.

Weather: Bring rain gear for the city and the country... there will be thundershowers. This should be a small pancho or jacket that will fit into the Camelback backpack.

Tuesday Jul 20
Isolated T-Storms
87° High 74° Low 30% Humidity

Wednesday Jul 21
Mostly Sunny
88° High 72° Low 30% Humidity

Thursday, July 22
Isolated T-Storms
92° High 77° Low 30% Humidity

Friday, July 23
92° High 79° Low 30% Humidity

Annapolis/Baltimore, MD
Saturday, July 24
Scattered T-Storms
94° High 76° Low 60% Humidity

For the rest of the trip we can expect: The Average Temperatures are highs of 88 degrees with lows about 68 degrees. Thundershowers are to be expected through the following week at Ft. AP Hill (near Bowling Green, VA).

Contact Information: See attached Jambo 604 pdf attachment for all hotel information.

Bruce R. Hough - Scoutmaster - 801.971.7440 - -
Tim Pruess - Assist. Scoutmaster/Program - 801.856.5851 -
Chris Hansen - Assist. Scoutmaster/Quartermaster - 801.860.3859 -
Chris Robinson - Assist. Scoutmaster/Scribe - 801.599.4397 -
Vic Rowberry - Council Professional - 801.891-4054
Doug Guest - District Executive - 801.589.2864

Email and text messaging to Bruce will work best.

I can respond quickly if I'm in an area where I can't call back.

If your boy wants or needs to call you, he will be accomodated no questions asked.

At a minimum, I will ask each boy to call home on Sundays. If he doesn't, it won't be my fault!!!

Return: Friday, August 6, 2010
American Airlines Flight 677 Norfolk to DFW 1:10 pm - 3:20 am
American Airlines Flight 529 DFW to SLC 6:06 pm - 7:45 pm

Plan to be at the Airport to Pick Up your Son or Family Member by 7:50 pm

A few other notes: If you would like me to hold cash for your son (or husband) please let me know. I will have an envelope for each individual. Just hand me the cash in an envelope with name, amount, and any instructions that you have. Hopefully you have figured out a debit or cash card system for them to use or one of the alternatives offered by the Jamboree.

Be sure to have a small notebook for journal notes and something to write with. Bring a Book to read during our plane and bus rides. Of course, bring a camera.

Blog: you can follow our exploits on . Feel free to leave comments and we will pass them along to your boys. Because it is a protected site you may need to get a gmail account but maybe not...

Be assured that it is our intent to provide a safe, instructive, and FUN experience for everyone. That is our Mission for the next three weeks!!! (gee, I better tell my boss I'm going to be gone for a while!!!)

We have great boys, boy leaders and adult supervision... we will have a great time and one we all remember for the rest of our lives... I'm so glad we are all doing this together!
Yours in Scouting,

Bruce R. Hough
Jamboree Troop 604

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